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Transform your body at the barre

This is your body's studio. The fastest growing dynamic barre studio. We celebrate strong bodies and even stronger minds. We include our community in business. We believe that change comes from showing up. We believe that results come from coming back.
Welcome barre babe.


Barre is a fusion of pilates, yoga, physiotherapy, and strength training. Our programming incorporates the most innovative movements and dynamic exercises that are targeted to tone your body and strengthen your core. We offer classes that remain low impact and results driven. The choreography of each class seeks to train the body to improve and the mind to overcome any plateaus. Our workouts have adapted to fit every body. Whether it’s your first or 1000th class with us, your body will be challenged!


We train to keep our classes FRESH. Our programming includes cardio-infused barre classes. We kick up the heat by adding low-impact cardio sets, kick-boxing, and HIIT training within our classes. Our SWEAT© and SPORT© cardio barre series attempt to coordinate breathing and physical movement, improve posture, burn calories, and tone the entire body. Our method continues to evolve as one of the leading low impact workouts.

Barre enhances your life 

50 minutes, our goal is to fatigue your muscles fast and effectively. you may experience “the shake,” those are your muscles getting STRONGER. we challenge you to embrace the shake, embrace the burn, and leave stronger. What kind of results have clients experienced in our classes?

Core Strength 0
Boost in Metabolism 0
Flexibility + Balance 0
Toned Muscles 0
this studio has such a vibrant and supportive community! Every class I've taken has been fun and challenging and the instructors are wonderful. Whether you're looking to get back in shape or for a challenging workout, this will shape your life!
The instructor gave me modifications to allow me to work hard..but at my own pace. It felt great doing something for my body and having some time for ME.
The teachers are wonderful and the workouts always push me past my comfort zone. I've noticed a BIG difference in the way I look and more importantly the way I feel since starting this method - my lower back pain has disappeared, my posture has improved, and my body feels stronger when I do other forms of exercise like running!