barre.[d] studio thrives. #franchise

We have some amazing news to share…after working for the past 9 months to get barre.[d] studio set and ready…..starting on May 1st, we will be offering F R A N C H I S E opportunities with barre.[d] studio in the following states: Virginia, North Carolina, and Texas.

After the last 3 years of business, and while leveraging her time gaining her MBA at Darden School of Business, Hanna has designed a franchise model that will take barre.[d] studio into the communities of those with a passion for barre fitness. Our class formats are so unique, so results-driven, we offer such a competitive advantage to what is currently in the market right now. Over the years, barre.[d] studio has developed such an incredible instructor program that seeks to set barre.[d] studio apart and has continued to be the keys to our business.

“I’m so excited to be launching this business into the future. My passion is people. My passion is creating space for others to thrive and discover their truths…their strengths. The message of leadership and standard in all that barre.[d] studio seeks to accomplish in classes, in our communities, and in our workouts is what attracts the B E S T clients and has created the best T R I B E. It has been incredible to see barre.[d] studio thrive.” – Hanna, founder of barre.[d] studio

With low overhead and high margins, the barre.[d] studio business model will provide the opportunity for studio ownership for budding/experienced entrepreneurials that share a passion for fitness, leadership, and compassion. Over the next year, barre.[d] studio’s goal is to expand its contributions to the communities around them by adding value through fitness and in business.

“I’ve designed the barre.[d] studio business model to be affordable, effective, and sustainable. Just like our workouts.”

We will be offering 3 Webinar opportunities this April to learn about the process, talk with the founder, and discover if this fit is right for you. Signups will be hitting your inbox shortly so join the mailing list or email for more information as to how you can bring barre.[d] studio into your community! For now, check out our new Franchising Page for additional information on how you can get involved with the studio.
Grab your opportunity and grow with us!