why do you barre.[d]?

Barre has been around as a strength and conditioning workout for dancers…but no, you don’t have to be a dancer to take a barre.[d] class!
Our classes can be modified for pre/post-natal individuals as well with individuals with various sensitives, especially those who are looking to strengthen those small stability muscles that make for a great way to prevent injuries! We describe barre as upright pilates, focusing on using small isolated movements that work to fatigue the body fast by staying within those small movements in order to promote muscle definition and strength. Still not convinced?
Here are 5 reasons to try a barre.[d] workout:
1. Small group sizes (individual attention). We believe in giving our clients individualized attention in order to ensure proper alignment and form. So whether its your first time or your 100th time, you can expect us to benefit from personalized fitness training where your form won’t be compromised.
2. Functional training You’ll hear us cue “shoulders squeezed together” all day long in your classes, but you’ll thank us later! Get ready to improve your posture and strengthen your body for the rest of your workday. Barre will benefit anyone who spends a lot of time at the office or slouching forward.
3. Let’s cross-train Want to improve your race time? Want to increase your lift? Want to strengthen your lower back and focus on engaging your lower abs to aid in injury prevention? That’s all we do at barre.[d] studio. There are several reasons why adult athletes should use barre as a cross-training workout, come try a class and see! We also provide a cross-training package for those looking to incorporate into your weekly workout routine!
4. A strength based workout Most of our movements are only body-weight, we use very light weights in class but do a lot for the body through low-impact movements that focus on building lean muscle that will burn fat throughout the whole day – not just in the class! Yes we have cardio options that get that heart pumping, but these classes will work to sculpt the body and burn fat, not just lose the weight!
5. All levels, all phases of life
Because barre is one of the safest workouts, you can jump into a class no matter what age you are and at any fitness level! All our instructors are training to modify for pre/post-natal clients and because our classes are scale-able, the every-day barre-goer and the beginner can find the deepest shake and the greatest burn in class!