Downtown CVILLE


  • $75

    New Client Month

    1 Month
    • childcare on selected classes
    • parking validation
    • street parking
  • Grab Your Month
  • $49

    New Client 2 Weeks

    2 Weeks
    • no refunds on packages
    • can not be paused
    • 2 weeks consecutive
  • Tuck for 2 Weeks



216 W Water Street, Charlottesville, VA, 22902

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this studio has such a vibrant and supportive community! Every class I've taken has been fun and challenging and the instructors are wonderful. Whether you're looking to get back in shape or for a challenging workout, this will shape your life!
The instructor gave me modifications to allow me to work hard..but at my own pace. It felt great doing something for my body and having some time for ME.
The teachers are wonderful and the workouts always push me past my comfort zone. I've noticed a BIG difference in the way I look and more importantly the way I feel since starting this method - my lower back pain has disappeared, my posture has improved, and my body feels stronger when I do other forms of exercise like running!


You don’t have to be good at barre to start barre! We offer an inclusive and welcoming environment to begin your barre practice. Our classes are dynamic and innovative, designed to make everyone leave strong and experience a GREAT workout! Wear yoga-like workout cloths and bring a water bottle. If you are new, give yourself 10 minutes to check-in and meet your instructor!


It’s easy to create a FIT routine when you don’t have to worry about finding a babysitter. We offer complimentary childcare on selected classes. You can view what classes offer childcare by simply noting (childcare available) next to the class you wish to attend. No need to register! Just get ready to barre.


barre is a fusion workout of pilates, yoga, physiotherapy, and dance. our method remains low-impact with a POP of HIIT training incorporated to increase the caloric burn and strengthen your muscles. Our classes are known to build lean strong muscles, tighten the core, and prevent injuries while cross-training.

Rachel Phillips

Downtown CVILLE Studio Owner



New mamas and prenatal clients LOVE our barre classes. If you’re pregnant or postpartum, consult with your doctor before taking classes at the studio. Please arrive early to class and check in with your instructor, who will provide modifications for our pregnant or postpartum clients.


Minors aged 14 and up are welcome to attend class with their parent or guardian. Clients 14-15 years of age will require a parent or guardian to accompany them during class. Clients 16-17 years of age will require a New Client Waiver to be signed by their parent or guardian during online registration.


You can cancel a reservation up to 6 hours before class. Late cancellations or no-shows incur a $10 charge to accounts with an unlimited monthly membership or the reduction of one class from a class package.