Have you thought about owning a barre franchise? Imagine going to work in leggings everyday. What do you want your life to look like in 2 years? In 5 years? How do you want to show up to work everyday? To your community? To your friends and family? Does your work fill your cup? Does it fill your day with joy? These are the questions that drove us to #franchise barre.[d] studio.

“Owning a business is one of the most developing experiences of my life, it changes you, it challenges you, it pushes you to grow and be confident. But the best part is that at the end of the day, you made a difference in the lives you interacted with during the day.” -Hanna, founder of barre.[d] studio

We wanted to create a business model that was collaborative and agile, one that stood out in a real and effective way for the owner, the employees, and the clients. When it comes to choosing a franchise to pursue, there are a lot of amazing options around. So what makes barre.[d] studio different?

1. Our Financials. The whole initial process and franchise startup cost remains under $250k and can be as low as $105k.

When considering when and how to invest in fitness, we believe that funding your studio must be reasonable and realistic at the start. We believe in balance, in affordability, in sustainability when it comes to starting the journey as a barre.[d] studio owner.

2. Our People. We invest in our people and offer on-going training and coaching. Always.

The decision to open a studio should be paired with the decision to create a long-term relationship with the brand. The coaching, the collaboration, the opportunities within the brand remain long-term. Our brand has a strong bench of leaders and key talent when it comes to helping each studio owner pursue their strategic opportunities. We believe having the talent development system is the key to building the skills needed to flourish as a fitness business.

3. Our Tribe. The barre.[d] studio culture.

The culture within barre.[d] studio’s organization is what makes going to work amazing, every day. We believe in investing in our people, growing together, and keeping our strategic intent clear with our people and clients. We strive to give our studio owners autonomy in their franchise business while ensuring alignment to our overall goals. Our goal is to keep ownership fun, exciting, and supportive every day.



If you are considering owning a studio, inquire today, we are happy to discuss the process and inspire you. Discover your #fit possibility as a barre.[d] studio owner! Email us today.