meet Heidi

​I am the middle child of 5, born in Honolulu Hawaii. Graduated from Radford University with a degree in sports Medicine and minored in Dance. Moved to New Orleans La and went back to school for Physical Therapy. I have been a Physical Therapy Assistant for 25 years and have practiced in many areas but love the orthopedic/manual therapy side the most. Met my husband 21 years ago and have been married to him for 17 years. He keeps my life full of fun and laughs!


How did you first get involved with barre.[d] studio?

A friend and co worker had been going to the studio and knew I  loved ballet and any thing that made me sweat! She recommended I try a class with her. I was Hooked from the start! Thank you Tessa!!

How would you describe your teaching style?

I take extra time for set up and cues before having the class perform the moves. I like to be precise and make sure everyone is in proper form….to me, you get the most out of barre workouts if you’re doing everything right!

What was your most challenging moment in your barre teaching career and why?

The most challenging was getting out the correct words to have the class perform a move correctly. It would seem as if I was describing a move to a T and then would see the class set up totally different from what was in my mind . In my career I know exactly what to say and how to cue to have my patients perform an exercise. I needed to turn off the therapy brain and turn on the barre!

Everyone has a favorite favorite pose….what is yours?

​I love wide 2nd! I could stay there all day long!!! with wide second you can transition easily to lunges, curtsies and 4th position. Definitely my fav! I don’t think I really have a position I don’t like, as long as I am challenged , I’m in!

What are you most excited about this year?​

I’m excited to spend our First Christmas in our new home.



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