new year, new mindset.

Itś almost 2019 and the beginning of a new year with new opportunities and possibilities.

The excitement of a fresh start pushes most people to challenge themselves to jump on the bandwagon of resolutions.  While the new year is a perfect time to start something new, why is it that so many people find themselves losing that fire and burnt out by the end of January? We expect so much of ourselves and when we slip up once, twice, maybe three times, we quit. Why did we ever think we could do this in the first place?  Let me let you in on a secret: no one is perfect and we all mess up. Do not quit and do not sell yourself short – ever. You are capable of so many amazing things!

Itś not about changing everything in the new year – itś about finding one thing that is sustainable. And once we find success with that, moving on to the next, and the next, and the next, and so on. Rome wasn’t built in a day people, so why do we expect to change everything for the better in a matter of days, weeks or even months?  I will let you in on another secret. Accountability is your best friend. Find people who are working towards the same goal and stick with them. They are your tribe and they will empower you to keep working towards your goals.


Now how does this apply to barre and our studio? We are more than a place where people come to get a killer workout. We are a family, and we are not ´us´ without everyone who walks in that door every day. Sometimes we have nutrition workshops about healthy eating and sometimes we eat cupcakes after class – because, well, balance. We will ride the highs and lows with every person that steps foot into our studio and empower them to continue forward.


We are kicking off this new year with a bang at all the barre.[d] studios! Not only will we have all the barre, but we have more accountability, plus competitions and prizes at EACH studio.  (check out where you can begin your challenge here) So, why all the hype?


We want to help you jump start your fitness journey this year and become a part of our barre.[d] tribe.

We want you to walk into our studio and feel like youŕe at home.


Not only will you see killer results, but you can take the journey with all the other barre.[d] babes that have the same goals.

So be bold and make this year everything you want and more.

Don’t sit on the couch and wait for it.


Go out. Smile more. Be excited. Try new things. Go to bed early. Wake up early. Show more gratitude.

Do things that challenge you. Be brave.


And don’t ever forget all the amazing things you are capable of. You are worth it – so come in, be you, and leave stronger than ever.


-Rachel Phillips, owner of #barredstudio #cville