Meet Paigelee


Our studios are filled with the most amazing fitness babes, we love that you can walk into a barre.[d] studio and be yourself whether you’re a client or an instructor. The method that we teach doesn’t just happen in a weekend, it takes a lot of dedication to learn, to ask questions, to grow as a fitness instructor so we know the best instructors are the ones that maintain a growth mindset throughout their whole time at the barre! We’re just going to keep bragging about our amazing staff!


Meet Paigelee!

1. What keeps you coming to the barre?

I’ve been “barre-ing” for over 3 years now because it is the only workout that continues to challenge me. It always amazes me how when you concentrate on what muscles you are engaging in each workout, the deeper burn you get because you are making that mind-body connection. I also love that you can adjust the intensity of the workouts on days you just want to move but not really kill yourself. It’s honestly for everyone and that’s the best part about it!

2. What do you like about barre.[d] studio?

I love the “come as you are” environment at the studio. You see people in all walks of life and get to hear so many awesome stories of travels, places lived, and jobs worked. Everyone is accepted and welcomed as they are and where they are in their fitness journey.

3. What inspires you to continue with Barre?

Easy. I love how strong it makes me feel. I am more in-tune with how my body works and what muscles I need to engage. And the fact that it is all mostly body weight just proves even more how strong your body is.

4. What Barre move do you find most effective and why?

I feel like a broken record on this but I love tabletop. You get to work your core and upper body stabilizing yourself and then you can always add a weight behind your knee if you need it. This one is always a quick burnout for me. I also really love bridge with a band around your knees and toes turned out to 10 and 2 for side glutes. It’s a quick burn but super effective!
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