Meet Tessa

Tessa is a barre devotee, taking her spot at the barre 4-5 times a week. We see Tessa in our 6AM classes, our 6:30PM classes, even our weekend classes. when she told us how barre has improved her life both professionally and personally, we knew we had to share her story.

For the first time in my life, I have true muscle definition (that I work HARD for) throughout my entire body. After years of being a runner and attempting to tone and strengthen on my own after a torn ACL and reconstruction, this has been the true answer to decreasing pain, improving my postural alignment, and allowing me to function better overall. Barre is the first exercise regimen I have wanted to stick to (and HAVE stuck to) 4-5 times a week for months on end. There is always something new, exciting, and challenging for me at barre.[d].

It has also helped in my career. I’m a physical therapist in the rehabilitation setting and often, I’m assisting and lifting patients into bed, helping them stand and walk again, and performing manual therapy. Since starting barre, I feel more confident in my abilities, I don’t worry about injuring myself, and I notice I am able to do a lot more without assistance.

The kindness, genuine encouragement, and feminine positivity that I experience from all of the instructors and the majority of my classmates is truly uplifting and inspiring. Daily, barre gives me an endurance rush, confidence boost, and sense of accomplishment that helps me mentally and physically.

What is the biggest difference you’ve seen in yourself since your first barre class?

Physically, the biggest difference I have seen is the tone in my arms, which pretty much has never existed for me. Now I understand how hard Michelle Obama works for those. The second difference is the knee pain that is now almost completely gone, something I have not felt in almost 11 years.

What is your favorite barre move and why?

My favorite barre move is anything with the blue ball, i.e. bridges or thigh sets while squeezing the ball, it adds the extra resistance and challenge to every move including working the hip adductor muscles which we rarely use in our day to day life.

What brought you to barre.d studio?

I had discovered barre about a year ago and attended another studio. While I fell in love with the exercise, I did not fall in love with the vibe. I gave up for several months, but after hearing about barre.[d] from a friend, I decided to try out an unlimited new student month. After that month, I was sold. I never felt as if I was being judged or had to be something I was not. The instructors were friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and challenging.

More importantly, as a PT, I was very weary of group exercise. Often people end up performing exercises with terrible form which ends up injuring their bodies. These instructors understand anatomy and I have never felt they were putting anyone at risk, in fact they often properly correct form during the class. I have consistently been taking 4-5 classes per week since July 2015 and find it VERY hard to imagine my life without barre.

The bottom line is, I was a woman with all of the knowledge of all of the “right things” to do for my body but honestly didn’t always do them. I had never paid for a gym membership in my life (always worked out at home or went for runs) and was not sure it was worth my hard earned money. I had a hard time imagining a studio filled with so much estrogen would be fun. Well….I was wrong. THANK YOU barre.[d] studio for creating such an amazing change in my life that I never knew I was missing.

We love Tessa’s story, and are so grateful to her for sharing it with us! What's your barre story? Share it here!

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