Strong minds, strong bodies

What do you say to yourself? Do you listen to your own voice? There are so many avenues of negativity to follow and get stuck in. The number one reason why people stop being kind to themselves and quit on themselves and their own goals: believing the false negativity that so easily is spread.

At barre.[d] studio, we focus on positivity and balance. Yes we have kick-ass classes to go with it, but that will only get you so far – you are YOUR own voice. We always say in our classes things like, “try your best today,” “be your best self in this workout,” “you are here for you,” “you can do this.” because we know that words and vibes matter, especially when finding a place to workout and build a community.

“Your perception of me is a reflection of you, my reaction to you is an awareness of me.”

So, today we’ve asked a few people “what do you tell yourself?” This week, reflect on a few of these amazing voices we have in town – start being your own best friend!

“My goal isn’t to be or look perfect. It’s to be a little bit better today than I was yesterday. It’s all about balance. Some days, I conquer the world. Some days, it’s an accomplishment to get out of bed. Taking a step backwards after moving forward isn’t failure – it’s the Cha Cha!” -April

“I say to myself you are a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously, I remind myself that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. I tell myself to remember that if I am honest and kind and authentic to myself, the right people and things will show up to support me. It’s about remembering to smile and connect with others.” -Amy

“I went through a period of being very mean to myself and overly critical which I’m sure 99% of women are like also. So now every time I see a mirror or walk past a mirror I try to internally give myself a compliment. I’m my own worst critic but I’m getting more and more body positive every week and gaining more self confidence. In addition, I started giving other women compliments – you never know how much that could effect their day.” -Molly

So friend, what are you saying to yourself?

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