Tips and Tricks to becoming a dreamy instructor

You get your playlist set. Class planned. Walk in. And BOOM! Instant success every time.....right?

Whew, I wish! Being a dreamy instructor takes more than mastering your combos or adding new moves to your routine. As instructors, we are CONSTANTLY growing and working..outside of our scheduled class times. Sure, maybe the class is only 45 minutes, but making those minutes count beyond the class time is what matters. Rhat requires more skills than just anatomy knowledge....

We believe in ongoing training which is why we talk about the importance and offer so much to our staff. What are our secrets? Here's some tips:

1. C is for Communicate

Trust is built through clear communication, aka transparency! As a group fitness instructor, your clients are putting a lot of trust in you. Many people feel vulnerable in group workouts. Some are more worried about their safety on the treadmill or lifting heavy weights. It’s up to you to build trust and let your clients know you’re there for them.

According to Albert Mehrabian’s 7-38-55 Rule of Personal Communication, 55% of how we communicate is through body language, 38% is through tone of voice, and 7% is through the words used. Keep all of these in mind as you lead your classes.

2. Bring the JOY by motivating others!

As a group fitness instructor, you will encounter people that lack self-confidence. Be sure to give positive reinforcement when you see your students working hard. Show genuine interest in the progress of your clients and challenge them to be the best versions of themselves in your class. But, at the same time, recognize when your clients have reached their physical or mental limits.

Think about your personal message and brand. Then show up in a way that aligns with that.

3. Let's Be Approachable

But branding doesn’t mean inauthentic. Make sure you are friendly to each and every client. You want to come across as someone who is always willing to help. Act with (almost) as much enthusiasm as you do while teaching even when you’re not mic’d up. Getting to know your clients is also important. Be sure to ask for people’s names, and work on remembering them as they return to class to be rapport and develop relationships.

4. It's all about that Confident Smile

Standing in front of others can be daunting. Be confident in your body while demonstrating. There’s no need to worry about a stray hair or the sweat stains beginning to form. The more confident you are in front of the class, the more clear each move will be, and the better your students’ workouts will feel.

5. Educate Yo-SELF

The fitness industry is always changing. Take workshops, classes, online courses, and

webinars to make sure you’re always on top of the newest research and trends. This knowledge will translate into your teaching and keep your students safe.

6. Be You, leave STRONGER

The most important skill to make you a better instructor is having the ability to be yourself. People will come to your classes because you are the one teaching them. Let your personality shine in and out of class.

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