something magical, something bright, something right in fitness

We asked founder Hanna Dobbels what makes barre.[d] studio so special and of course we couldn’t WAIT to share with you! Read all about her take on the studios, the mission, and what makes barre.[d studio stand out in the fitness scene.

“I get asked a lot “why barre?.” It usually follows with “what is barre exactly?” I usually have a 2-minute elevator pitch that helps direct their visual interpretation into something other than someone flopping their foot up on a barre. Barre is basically upright pilates, it strengthens and tightens from the inside out…meaning, it works all those small muscles you didn’t even know you had (and yes, we’re talking about you, transverse abdominals). The small movements and big holds create challenge and balance all at once for fitness-goers of all shapes and sizes and ages. In the fitness world, there are all sorts of workouts that create results and I would never discredit those. However, there is something magical about our barre.[d] studio workouts, something unique and 100% special.

When you walk in the door of a barre.[d] studio, you’re part of something bigger. Something sweaty. Something fun. You put on your grippy socks and find a mat to start your barre hour. You’re surrounded by strong individuals on the same path as you, ready to support you, ready to inspire. You’re all in the workout together, striving to show up and letting go of whatever was holding you back. I love that about the brand.

The key to our company is not that we have the only secret sauce workout out there (which, we think we do!), it’s much more than that. It comes down to this: our studios hold the space for you to show up, get your body stronger, get your mind UN-cluttered, and for you to find the balance to move throughout your day lighter from the inside.

So why does that all of that matter when it comes to fitness? All meaningful and lasting change starts first in our mind then works itself outwards. If you listen to what is being preached in the fitness industry right now, you’ll hear a lot of standards that are unattainable. You’ll see more striving for perfection. You’ll see happiness treated like a carrot on a stick to lure you into setting unrealistic goals. You’ll soon start to believe that it can only be until AFTER you’ve become the fitness ideal of small, thin, toned, or sexy, that you will be loved.

Fitness has painted a pretty harsh picture for us to follow. We’ll put our bodies through so much stress, depletion, and deprivation in the name of “health” while pushing others to do the same. We strive for perfection over progression and this cycle continues day after day.

The goal of barre.[d] studio is to carve a space in the fitness world, one in which people value their unique bodies and are liberated from self-hatred so they can optimize their energy and strength to make positive changes in their own lives, bodies, communities, and beyond. Our workouts seek to revolutionize the voice of fitness, one that is more balanced, joyful, self-care focused, and results-driven.

You don’t get the body you want by sitting on it, BUT you can’t force the body you have to change without showing up and giving yourself the chance to be challenged. Our instructors teach grace and strength in movement, with modifications to fit each fitness level and progressions to challenge the fire you bring.

Our aim for our clients is to encourage growth. TO surround each other with a community that celebrates strength and explores what that means for YOU. It’s simple. barre.[d] studio seeks to bring you your best workout. Promise.”

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