Wait…wasn’t that move part of my rehab?

More than likely….yes. Why? Because that’s what makes barre one of the best:



do-any age, any-time

injury prevention

type workout! Our moves were developed and researched to be safe and effective. “When I founded the method, I had just come off 2+ years of straight physical therapy due to a prior injury. I was running my body ragged and not focusing on strengthening it from the inside out. I wasn’t focused on my core and doing more harm than good,” describes barre.[d] studio’s founder, Hanna Dobbels. “Most of what we do in our barre classes has that body-rehab feel to it set to feel good music, amazing vibes, and good peeps…for good reason. Mobility and stability exercises shouldn’t just happen post an injury, we need to be doing them to prevent injuries as well. Our classes are structured to target the muscles we tend to forget in other workouts in order to strengthen our weaknesses and stabilize everything that comes from the hips and core.”

We’re not saying barre.[d] studio can replace your rehab, but it does some good. Here are our top 3 reasons physical therapists have said to try our method.

1. Don’t let chronic pain be the boss of you.
Each year 116 million Americans experience chronic pain, from arthritis or other conditions, costing billions of dollars in medical treatment, lost work time, and lost wages. Proper exercise, mobility, and pain management techniques used in barre.[d] studio classes can ease pain while moving and at rest, improving your overall quality of life.

2. Decrease your lower-back pain, increase your happiness.
Barre combined with physical therapy can be an effective alternative to extreme fixes—and with much less risk than surgery and long-term use of prescription medications.

3. Exercise can help you avoid falls—and keep your independence
Group-based barre  classes can improve movement and balance and reduce your risk of falls and keep your core strong by stabilizing the hips.

Book a class at one of our studio locations and discover the benefits for yourself.